Friday, 15 January 2016

& then I dreamt of red flannel bloomers....

When I went up to bed last night my Brown Eyed Girl said to me that it was going to snow, she said that the weather app said it was 90% sure it was going to snow at around 3 am.
I woke up at about 5, now a definite fact is that you cannot hear snow, snowing, you can hear rain, raining, but snow is a silent thing, that floats down soft as a feather...unless you are in a blizzard, that is...that is a whole different story.
I digress, I could not hear any snow snowing,
so I tippie toed out of my cosy bed and I peeked out of the curtains and guess what?

No snow

So, I could of shown you my beautiful Red Flannel Bloomers hanging on the line in the snow, but alack and alas it was not to be....
but please, if you will, try and imagine what a sight that would of been to behold ..... Beautiful Red Flannel Bloomers in the snow.

They remind me of Viviene from Chocolate, I should imagine she would of needed a good warm pair for when that North wind came in.
Or maybe the Railway Children, no fear if there is a Landslide and I happen to be in the vicinity, I will wipp them off and flag down that train, no Probs.

Now, I,m not going to lie, they are a little breezy, shall we say, a lot breezy...and I wondered why that was.... that Bloomers of that time were rather breezy.....
So I googled it...

Before the 1800's women wore no knickers!!  GASP!!
OOOwer Missus, then a lady called Elizabeth Smith Miller invented the Bloomer.
They had no seam so it was easier to go to the loo as they wore so many gowns and petticoats.
So there you have it dear readers...

I am however going to sew up my Bloomers....

The End 

hettie brown

Little Note.... I would like to dedicate this post to the lovely person ( you know who you are) who gifted me my Red Flannel Bloomers, I am truly in love with them with all my heart, and promise to model them after they have had certain adjustments!! 


  1. Lol! Can't wait to see them when the "adjustments" have been made! Loved the history lesson!

  2. Oh, how I loved the colors used in Chocolat! Did you know that the name of Anouk's kangaroo (Roux) means russet or brownish red in Latin? I am going to watch this again tonight xx

    1. It iit is one of my favourite ever films, I didn't know that about roux xx

    2. I just watched it, and I was wrong. Johnny Depp's character was named Roux. The kangaroo's name was Pontouf :0)