Saturday, 9 January 2016

Of Petticoats and Cats and Camera's Part #1

it is me again!
How are you?

Today It has been raining stair rods, I have had a cosy home day and done a bit of tidying and faffing here and there.

So now kettles on and I thought I would share with you over the next few posts some of my favourite things......

Petticoats, Cameras & cats begin

Athur Dents ears

Green petticoat dress #1 I've had for many moons now, it was white, now its green, its a real soft indian cotton, and I wear it under stuff. I bought it from a warehouse sale of designer clothes.

I really don't do ironing.....

Checked over skirt was a total indulgence when I was working and is from Gundrun Sjoden, it has pea pods on the lining!! Yes really...

Petticoat #2 is Edwardian and I bought it at a flea market.  It was originally, in its day, white, by the time I bought it, it had gone kind of grey but not in a good way... so I dyed it Pewter grey with a dylon washing machine dye.  It has a secret pocket, which is very important, me thinks, for keeping knitted bunnies in.

Petticoat #3 is worn under my most favourite Frock, actually bought from the same place as green petticoat dress #1 (see above)

it is a bit thread bear in places.

get of my toadstool Mum .....

The End...

Part #2 tommorow it's all about my other obsession ...Cameras


  1. I love your unique style, and applaud your refusal to iron, such a waste of time. Arthur Dent's toadstool is fabulous, wherever did you find it? I live in the rainforest, but have had no rain for some time, you can send some back our way, the salmon would thank you! xx

    1. The tree trunk came from a rec yard Susan I bought it for my hubs one Christmas .... It has rained so much here!!! Xx

  2. Love, and now they've arrived, we have twinny boots. Needing me a petticoat though....

    1. You need to see debs on Instagram @dsg something she's got some xx love those booties x

  3. Ooh. I love your petticoats!! I love your dress style full stop! I don't think I'm clothes shopping at the right places!