Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Ode to St Charlie Boy

I can be superstitious, as my Dad was before me, as my Little Nan from up the North was before that.  I tip my hat for a Magpie, and I never ever cross my knives and fork, walking under a ladder is a complete no no and never ever put shoes on a table....just to mention a few.

Today I thought I would share a rather seasonal superstition, of the Apple tree.
It is dear readers, most unlucky to leave a single withered fruit upon your apple tree.

Now you can all sniff and raise your eyebrows if you would like, but it is indeed quite true....

So Quick get up of your sofa and put on your wellies and go outside and check upon your apple tree.... (do you have one? if not do not worry too much)
can you see a single fruit?
knock it off I tell thee...!

As you can see from the picture above there was a single fruit on ours and to be honest I'm just not risking it, not after the year I had last year....

Rather Interesting fact #1

Did you know that Charles Borromeo was the Patron Saint of Apple Orchards?
Poor old Charlie boy was not blessed with the best of looks and had rather a large hooter, but none the less he did a marvelous job of guarding our Apple orchards and no doubt still does

Thanks Charlie.

random photo  of a hyacynth
Last night I began a Seaside Donkey

Our Bessie ...the seaside donkey

Here she is Toasting her Hooves

She lives on a hillside in Cornwall..

But thats a story for another day

Tomorrow infact

hettie brown 

p.s  Are you superstitious?


  1. Bessie is wonderful! My nan's name was Bessie and she told fine tales of days out at the races with her sisters... not donkey races though I suspect ;-) I didn't know about the apple tree lore! We've several ancient apple trees that are not much good for eating nor cooking... I bet there are old apples a plenty clinging on - yikes! Should I bother getting out of bed tomorrow? Your advice please ;-) I shall look forward to hearing more about dear Bessie (she should have sisters called Kitty, Peggy and Phil by the way...) x

  2. One thing l do remember about apples....
    Even back in the Roman days, they were used
    to see if someone 'you' loved, would love you
    back...The pips were thrown on a fire, and, at
    the same time you mention your loved ones name,
    if the pips burnt and spat in the fire, then yes,
    they were in love with you. If the pips just laid
    there and burnt quietly, then they were not!

    Am l superstitious.....??? Oh! Yes! Show me a
    Sicilian who isn't...! :).

  3. I looked up a pic of Charlie (isn't google a wonderful resource for situations like this) and yes, he is not handsome but he does have a very interesting face which often is just as good or even better than handsome.

    Love Bessie, she also has an interesting face.

  4. I am not at all superstitious. I don't walk under ladders in case something falls on me...just sensible. Nothing else really bothers me at all. However , it would be a boring world if we all thought the same. Your blog is so interesting and beautifully photographed.