Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Obsessions #2 cameras & photographs....

I have three cameras, this one is my Sony a450, its kind of out of its time now as I've had it a good few years and I must admit I've been dreaming of upgrading for a while now. The chance of that happening any time soon is pretty slim however, but I am saving.  Having said that it still takes a picture and it has been my faithful companion through thick and thin.

This is my new, old lady....  a 1960's Kodac Retinette, I am learning lots and haven't had my first film developed yet, so have no idea if I'm doing ok or not! or for that matter if the camera works! but its an exciting journey into film.

The little Samsung NX Mini is my camera I take pretty much everywhere with me.  Its small and handy and fits in a pocket, 

I do like a little bit of editing infact I love it!  My favourite App at the moment is VSCO.

I have this little gadget that I put my camera card into so I can transfer the photos onto my i pad.  I edit them there. I'm always loosing this little gadget, so I now keep anything important in this little tin, so everytime I use it it goes in the tin!

 Its hard but I tryed to pic three of my favourite pics.  Quite interesting as a photo can be favourite for different reasons...depending on a memory perhaps, or the subject matter.

But here are three of my photos that make me happy.

After spending the day at Auction I bought a box of Miscellaneous Old Textiles, I was so excited, the whole bidding experience and not knowing what you have bought until you get your box home.
The hankies where in the box it was a beautiful summers day and I washed them and pegged them out on the line.
The joy of a line of white laundry...

I love this one, purely for the fact I was in the right place at the right time.  The fog was lying over the fields and it was quite a magical moment.

This was one of the first trips to London after my son left for Uni.  This time was so raw for me and the happiness of seeing him happy and surviving was so huge, this will always be one of my favourites. its on the underground with my daughter and Mr Brown and I was so happy for us to be back together.

Lastly this in my Mum and mr Brown, I just love it....



  1. Great photos...Love the foggy one!
    Me! Not really into cameras, so used to being on
    the other end...posing about! HeHe! :).
    Though l remember my Mum having a Brownie 127, and
    a box camera before that...What a performance taking
    pictures that was....back a the side..bit closer
    ...STOP! SMILE! Click! "You moved". :>).

    Oh! Love the hanky's to....Not expecting the Flu are we...!!! :).

  2. wondered how you got that lovely effect...must investigate VSCO...I want a 'Very Special Cosy Option' on my camera and my glasses! Thanks for the info. xx

  3. Such beautiful photos, you certainly have an eye for photography!

  4. I believe it was a photo on pinterest of a clothesline that brought me to your blog. I love the intimacy of a clothesline. My you are your Mama's daughter. Beautiful photos.

  5. I love the foggy one. It looks so mysterious. You never know exactly what is out there but it's not a scary "not knowing" but a wondering "not knowing".

  6. Well, I am awestruck by your beautiful images, you do have a special eye my friend.
    I am inspired, and am eagerly anticipating checking out he VSCO, as I've grown weary of the MSO picture manager. Happy adventuring, can't wait to see what you post next! xx