Saturday, 2 January 2016

magpie tendencies

I do really like the white blank page of a brand new year, you can put the troubles of the previous year to bed, tuck them up tight and say night, night.

Today I walked down through the old kissing gate, down the track and out across the fields heading out towards the victorian midden.  It was raining a bit, but by the time I got to the track heading up the hill towards the midden, it had stopped.  
Not many people were about, I think the rain keeping them tucked up in their houses. 

 My magpie tendencies meaning the least little thing to catch my eye, comes home in my pockets.

I've developed a bit of a thick skin to my strange treasure seeking ways, you get the odd looks from passers by, if there happen to be any. The victorian Midden is covered over mostly with a carpet of Moss and Ivy, I don't suppose most people even know of its existence, or maybe it doesn't interest them at all.
They must think I'm completely batty, I think, bits of twig in my hair covered in mud, scrabbling around in the earth, but I just can't resist digging around in the dirt.

I like the beauty of the discarded and unwanted.
The possibilities of these lost fragments of beauty.

Oh the possibilities, so much to think about, to discover, to wonder

to create....


what where they dancing around?

I guess I'll never know.....

So I don't like New Years resolutions too much, to many reasons to fail, but I'm awful happy to be here,  white blank page in front of me.... I hope you will stick around

hettie brown


  1. Your treasures look lovely! It would be interesting to find the whole picture of the dancers,I love that style of illustration. I'm wary of making resolutions this time around, with the very best intentions I never ever keep them! Happy new year to you! xx

  2. Yes, "white blank pages in front of me". That's just the way I used to feel in September when school started: new empty notebooks, brand new bright crayons, and sharp, sharp pencils. Oh, the possibilities!

  3. Yes! I like to stick around too!
    HeHe! Just try get rid of me..Love all the photos,
    all of the time, and l do love the brick B/W chicken
    house...wonder what it was used for originally!
    Lucky chickens! :).

  4. I am the same, I have so many jars and bottles filled with old bits of pottery, glass, old clay pipe stems. Anything and everything and to me it is all precious treasure

  5. We've made it to the other side, and it's nice to not have any plans just yet. I do wish it would snow or storm here. I hear you all are getting tons of rain and wind, it's just frigid and calm here. We did have an earthquake a couple of days ago, that wasn't a good surprise. Love your new color scheme, enjoy your treasure foraging! xx