Wednesday, 13 January 2016

In the Big Scheme of things.....

Today I am wearing my Merchant & Mills Trapeze Dress.
Stitched in a brown Linen, with Pantaloons all the way from Sicily.
I altered the sleeves slightly making them shorter and adding a little pintuck and a button.

I've started a new Wooly project, but It is to be a secret Wooly project for my Book....
Yes I have started my book!!

Its tres tricky to start a thing, I can tell you, many things go around in your head saying you cannot do that thing, that it will not work, that you don't have what's needed to do that thing.
But then you start, and its not a starting thing any longer, its a doing thing, you are actually doing it and that makes things alot easier....its the starting thats the hard bit.
Once you start you can say quite proudly...'I am writing a book' 

My book will take a year to write, it has a title and a beginning and in a year it will have an ending.
Possibly my biggest creative challenge for this year will be keeping things secret from you... the things for my book at least, I can safely say I am quite rubbish at secrets.

So although a year seems an awfully long time...... In the great scheme of things it is not at all, as this book has been waiting to be written since  1986.   I was in Mr Woolworks class and he asked me what I wanted to do when I left school and I told him that I wanted to write a book, and he told me not to be so stupid.... Another challenge being I am slightly dyslexic.

So This may well be the case Mr Woolwork .. my plan may well go tits up, my plan may well be a complete flop... but I'M WRITING A BOOK


hettie brown


  1. I love the saying, "What if I fall? But oh, my darling, what if I fly?" from a short poem written by Erin Hanson. xx

  2. Three sayings for inspiration....
    "The road to success is always under construction".

    "Life is like cooking, all the ingredients are there,
    you just hope it all comes out o.k.".

    "A woman is like a tea bag, you can't tell how strong
    she is, until you put her in hot water".

    Good luck with the book..They say we've ALL got one in

  3. Yay yay and thrice yay! Hurrah and hooray for Sophie was brave again today!

    I love love love that you are doing it. xxx

  4. a working title...."Mr Woolworks's Mistake" xx

    1. Perfect! I hope you will send him a signed copy! xxx

  5. I agree with ted and bunny, what a silly man your teacher was!

  6. I will buy your book Sophie x

  7. tsk tsk to all the Mr Woolworks out there.

    i have been writing a book for 7 years. i don't care. it'll b done when it's ready to be birthed and not before. as i always say - life is the process. arting is a process.

  8. A book! Fantastic! Mr. Woolwork sounds like a terrible teacher. I'm glad you are not laboring under his tutelage any longer. More power to you.

    As Stitches and Seeds said a signed copy for him is definitely a must. With an appropriate inscription of course!

  9. Put my name down too please, your book will be wonderful.
    A book has always been one of my dreams too, you go girl! X

  10. How wonderful! I will be looking for it in a years' time. It will be brilliant!

  11. Hello Sophie. I need help finding you on Instagram again. You seem to have disappeared. Thank you