Saturday, 16 January 2016

Elsie Morgan

Now SOLD thank you xx

Elsie Morgan has been an avid member of the WI for so long now she's almost become part of the furniture.  It has been said by many a folk that she is the best cook in England.  She lives in a little Cornish cottage by the sea, where you can hear the gentle ring from the bells on her woolly hat whilst she quietly tends her little garden of herbs 

The End 

Elsie Morgan is made from Clay and fired in a potters kiln.  She is covered in scraps of paper from an old WI cook book.  She wears a vintage fabric frock & a knitted hat with little bells.  She has an old wooden home that can be wall hung or sit on a shelf. 

Height 30 cm
Width 14 cm 
Depth 8 cm

Little note, over the next few days I may be posting a few times a day so do check back posts if you don't want to miss any xx

Hettie brown xx


  1. How wonderful! I love the the story about her too!xx

  2. Elsie is adorable. I love her little rosy pinafore.