Wednesday, 20 January 2016


Winter time can be hard, not enough time outside, and when the days are grey and rainy the blues can get you.  Sometimes I go a bit inside myself but I have recognised this as a part of my personality now and no longer panic, and know it will pass.

Today has been the brightest beautifullest blue, which lifts the spirits,  Ive had some fresh air and cleared my head.

I have so many creative ideas in my head at the moment and sometimes even that can make me feel troubled as I want to get them out and sometimes making ideas work is not easy.  You know what you want to produce but getting there is quite another matter.

The last 2 days I have been consumed with an idea and it is easy for it to take over, if I lived alone I would probably be one of those people who would just keep going until I got it done, i wouldnt cook or get  dressed!!  but when you have a family you cannot do that, you have to cook and clean in between and go to work...  I got quite annoyed with myself for being so self consuming, I guess that is the artist in me! but I have given myself a jolly good talking to anyways.

What gets you cross with yourself?  I wonder?

I hope to share one of my new ideas soon....if it works out, maybe i'll show you anyway even if it doesnt!!

hettie brown


  1. Having several projects in the works and the time to work on them but messing around trying to decide which one to start. Often I end up not doing anything and reading a book instead. By the time I've finished the chapter or section it is time to start supper and my time to do my own work has evaporated.

    Procrastination a bad thing.

  2. When I feel sorry for myself, it's the worst. I am alone Sophie, and yes, there are days I don't get dressed or eat. That's when wretched self-pity wells up, and I worry I may drown in it. My solution is to try and keep myself busy creating, but not too busy as to burn myself out. It's a fragile balance sometimes, and my heart goes out to the countless souls who struggle with it. Just keep writing Sophie, even when you are blue, especially when you are blue. You speak for many, and are not alone. xx

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  4. I have spells where there is so much I want to write--so many projects I want to make. You would think that I have the time as a retired person, but I get in my own way. I putter at the laundry, do some baking, tackle cleaning and tidying and go to bed late at night with all the projects and lovely thoughts churning about in my head undone.