Tuesday, 5 January 2016

A final farewell...... in which she says goodbye to Boris Lovoski....

Its never easy saying goodbye, each creation I make holds within it a small piece of my heart.  It is like fledglings flying the nest, it hurts, but you give them a gentle shove...& off they go;

Farewell Boris Lovoski {initials BL} the Russian Circus Bear enjoy your retirement my friend...

2016 being the year of being brave I have opened my own little online shop.  I rather like it as it seems quite like a real live shop in my brain.  My shop is on Big Cartel which is specifically for Artists and Makers.  and I  have finally after all these years gotten brave enough to call myself an actual Artist...this is my year and if I do not do it now then I may never have another chance so the Gods have pointed me in this direction and I am following my instincts and my heart.

There is a little gadget on my side bar that takes you to my shop, it is alas empty just now, but I am excited with the ideas in my Noggin.   

There is a small Eco hare in the making & I'm looking forward to useing natural dye in my art work over the coming months.

I am attempting to blog everyday in January...i think its good to get things down here in this space, so see you tommorow!

hettie brown


  1. you ARE SO an artist!everything you make is beautiful and collectable!well done xx

  2. clever trevor (Sophie just doesn't rhyme)! x

  3. Blimey woman... posting everyday? I had already stalked your shop and thought how beautiful your sold items were, such love had gone into them. x

  4. Sophie...Boris is having a wonderful time sitting on his unicycle in his little home supervising Mabel, Archie and Martha, two dogs and a cat. Everyone who meets Boris loves him. X