Friday, 8 January 2016

A Day in the Life

 This morning I trundled off down the lane over the little humped back bridge & up the hill to where the most beautiful house sits nestled.  It is my dream home, I say dream as never in a million years could we ever afford to live somewhere like this, it has servants bells in the kitchen, a scullary and a boot room, a larder, two staircases and then more leading up to the attic...although this is the case, I feel quite privileged that I am able, once a week to spend time in this beautiful place, looking after two little dogs, they have the poshest names you ever did here! So I call them Squidge and Boris, as its so much easier and they really don't seem to mind.

you can just see squidge and Boris....


The garden of the beautiful house is huge, but where I let the doggies out is a old fashioned walled kitchen garden, with a little apple orchard, green house & vegteble patch.  I sometimes sit on the bench in the winter sunshine hot mug of tea in hand, and dream of what I would plant if I had a garden like this.

Even the washing line is beyond beautiful.....

these are not my wellies....

And that was my happy day 



  1. How lucky you are, and I am envious! You many not be able to afford it, but onr can always dream and make up stories and capture images, those don't cost a cent. xx

  2. How beautiful, thank you for sharing such a lovely day x

  3. What a lovely old place... it is beautiful when one gets paid for just being oneself... x

  4. It sounds great to spend a day a week somewhere like that. If you were there all the time you would be responsible for the bills and cleaning, but I guess if you have a place like that you would be able to afford a cleaner!! I love of places like that. How special to at least be able to dream every week.