Monday, 30 November 2015

The trapeze dress

I'm a bit behind on blogging, and haven't yet shown you my newly sewn trapeze dress. 

Pattern is from Merchant & Mills by far my most favourite shop in the whole wide world! 

The first attempt was a size 12, and it turned out a bit big.

So I took it down to a 10 for the second, it's now my go to wardrobe essential as its so easy to wear and so comfy.  It's a fairly easy make and quite quick. 

So have just started a sleeveless version in a wool mix which I'll wear as a pinifore. 


Thursday, 26 November 2015


I think the last time you met Sid he was in a rather uncompromising situation

 known as Sid to his nearest and dearest, knows exactly where he's at, unfortunately other folks have no clue where Sids at or which way up he goes, most of the time..... He has taken to wearing his woes on his knitted underpants, safe in the knowledge that he is just rather *misunderstood*

I'm really happy to say that things have improved immensely since then for Sid, and for me for that matter.  On the one hand life is looking decidedly more chirpy than it has been for a while, and my lack of blogginess has not been due to feeling sad but to feeling happier and being busy.

Happy thing #1

I now have a fair few old folks who need my help, I have two old chaps with dodgy knees, although the dury is out on little old man #1 with dodgy knees, {i say nothing!!} I also have 2 {very} old little old ladies, and two doglets to look after. This week has been busy, I cleaned little old ladies shower with cold water and vinegar...{she swears by the stuff}, me personally I wouldn't recommend it. I then rustled her up a delicious soup with a limp carrot and some left over cabbage, which quite frankly pushed my culinary skills to the limit!  leaving her settled in her favourite chair, soup bubbling away, hoovering done, and a sparkling shower....albeit stinking of vinegar,.....
Thursdays are now officially my new favourite day, as Thursdays I volunteer at the alzheimer's group in town.  and really that is what I waned to share with you, as since starting,  my heart has been filled up with so much love and my brain with so many thoughts...sad thoughts & happy thoughts. Alzheimer's is such a terribly sad disease the cruelest in some ways, because it takes from you the things that are most precious, your memories.
There is a lady named Dora who really is quite advanced with Alzheimer's, she can barely string two words together, she  just sits.   Her husband Frank who is the nicest man.  I don't know how long they have been together, a long time, a life time of memories, but for Dora they are all gone and she cannot remember.  I have so much admiration for her husband, he cares for her and stays by her side and shows so much love that it makes my heart so full.  Today we made Christmas wreaths, basically tying scraps of fabric and ribbon onto a wire coat hanger, Dora used to craft and today she came back a little, she smiled and she made a wreath, with a little help, but it is the most I have seen of her and the person she used to be, she even spoke to me and smiled.  It has made me pretty happy that smile.

Happy thing #2

I am making again and my little Etsy shop has opened its doors once more.  This has made me very happy for there is, and always will be, a big place in my heart for my making, and for other folks to like the things that I make, makes me truly grateful.

Happy thing #3

I have so much I want to make and so many ideas i may need to grow an extra pair of hands ..... 

and lastly

happy thing #4

I am counting my blessings for the universe serving me a dodge ball, although at the time i didn't know it and I thought that life was falling to pieces I realise now it was actually falling into place and I am happier now.  I can be me, with all my flaws and faults and scattyness because that is the person I am.


little note ~ I have changed names to protect peoples privacy....except Sid, hes definitely.... Sid xx