Saturday, 31 January 2015

the north wind doth blow....

There is definitely  a nip in the air this week, which has meant that mostly my days have consisted of going to work, coming home, going to work, coming home, you get the gist.  We are afterall in the depths of winter now & the darkest coldest time of the year.
I am however still running, despite the bitter cold, and am feeling quite proud of my willpower.   I'm now on week 6 Run 3 of the NHS couch to 5k.  Todays run was in biting winds and pouring rain which was quite invigorating. I'm grateful for a warm cosy house to come back to, I can tell you.  I've got myself one of those new fandangle wrist bands that measures your steps, calories, sleep, and sets you a daily activity target, It is a marvelous piece of technology and I really really love it.  You can link it with a little app on your phone (only i phones though)... (anyone who is interested I went for a Polar Loop in Blackcurrent, it is the business.)  It is a pretty nifty bit of kitt to get you motivated to move, and stay fit and healthy.

Last weekend I went to the Giant Flea Market with a good friend, I brought home this lovely old trugg.

Kindly modelled by Luna,
 once squatter's rights had been negotiated......

I planted it up with Crocus, Price in total £13.00, which is not bad for a bit of Spring time cheer.

also found this lovely book in the charity shop actually signed by Janet herself.

Had to start a quilt right away, as that is the sort of person I am,
not sure if my attention is already wandering to other things though

I'm always flitting around all over the place, 
Florist, stitcher, Knitter I just cant make up my mind what i want to be next.....

Off to London tomorrow, Tommy is 21, jeez now how did that happen?  Promise to take lots of pics

Till next time then

sophie xx

Sunday, 18 January 2015

the un~roomy frock

After work on Friday I went to my favourite fabric shop, to buy three sets of knitting needles, to begin the new knitty jumper (still not started)

I did have a browse, but really I showed much restraint  & did not purchase another thing.
Upon stepping out of the door of my favourite fabric shop however, & turning left, into the charity shop, where upon I did happen upon a frock.  This frock, shall we say, was rather roomy, but really you must not let a thing like that bother you in life, especially if you have, for example, fore~ thoughts, a needle & thread,  a sewing machine,
oh & a cat
although truth be told the cat is optional.

Afterall its not everyday that you happen upon a floral Toast dress in the charity shop.

My fore~thoughts told me that really if you just take another frock that does fit

& lay it over the one that doesnt.  
Then unpick it a bit.
Pin it here and there & chop it there and here....

(Could there ever in the whole history of time be a cotton reel with a more lovely name?)

Then do some stitching

you may end up, in the end.

With an un~roomy frock

For seven quid and a Sunday afternoon of stitching.

much love 

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Back on the Straight and Narrah......

After a Small Blip it is quite important to be mostly kind to oneself.  So this week, everyday after pottling off to work for 9 hours, I am rushing home, not too fast mind, to my little house, & I am nesting.  First things first,  I say hello to the cats who after snoozing all day, are happy to see me, & pleased to have their dinner bowls filled up & a bit of fuss made. Then I light the fire, as it gets chilly in these parts.

Next up are the plants, I have quite the little indoor garden coming along, & when I'm away I miss them! Odd I know, Oh I do love my Plants.  They ask very little of you & yet with a little love & nurturing,  they make a home a happy place.  They absorb the carbon dioxide we breathe out, making the air we breath in cleaner by removing toxins, & they look lovely too.

So my small, but significant herbarium (thats posh talk for a collection of plants) makes me happy.

Mostly in the evenings I am patch~working, mainly because my knitting dried up all of a sudden after the manic fingerless mitt knitting of pre-christmas for gifts, & I go crackers if I have nothing to do with my hands.
I do have a pattern & yarn for a new knitty project but I'm scared!  Its a little knitted pullover and I have never ever knitted anything other than a sock or a mitten before. The pattern scares the hell out of me so I keep looking at it then putting it aside, one day I'm sure I will pluck up the courage to start the darn thing.
So hexies it is.  I'm rather liking the colours, all from the stash, trying to use up some of the little scraps.

The patchwork hexis keep my restless hands busy, and its very therapeutic to sit & hand sew by the fire these dark cold nights.

& when my fingers get too sore
Ill just read awhile.

lastly a couple of pics of my thrifted coat

it has little Scotty dogs on the lining!

thanks for your oh so  kind words
small steps indeedy.

much love

Monday, 12 January 2015

small Blip....

So its been a bit of a rollercoaster this past week, truth be told its not been the best week. 
Being Vegan  and cutting out so many things from my diet proved in the end to be near on impossible for me. 
I will try to explain, but really the bottom line is that life just became a logistical nightmare, trying to keep everyone happy.

Do you ever feel lost in the world, lost in all the entirety of it?  in all its vastness? with all its hatred and cruelty. We have now, always on demand the information we seek, the ability to see just about anything good or bad.  We just need to turn on the tv and watch the news or log onto the computer, people are killed and maimed and beaten daily, In far flung places and closer to home. Am I the only one who finds it hard to watch the news now, for the troubles of the world burden me so much.  This past few weeks I began to take on the troubles of the world too much, to the detriment of my own small patch here on earth.  I tortured myself watching films of animal torture and cruelty. Thinking I could change it somehow, but really my outlook was too wide, too big, too vast.  

So although it may seem like failure to some, I have realised a valuable lesson, that my world is the people that I love, and the people I share it with. My nearest and dearest. My world is enjoying a nice meal with my family and chatting and not scouring labels and being afraid to eat and enjoy food.  My patch of this earth is smaller and this is what I need to concentrate on, and nurture, and make good.  

This does not mean that you cannot do good there is still so much good, but they forget to tell us about the good sometimes.

So no I'm not Vegan, I still eat meat and I still eat dairy, I do hope however to buy good local ingredients not mass produced crap. and I still hope to have soya as a part of my diet.

So this is the small blip, I guess we all have them from time to time, you had yours lately?

much love 

Little note 
I will be being far less serious in my next post
with a thrifted coat and
a new Hexi patchwork.