Friday, 18 December 2015

Winter time


A forage this morning across the fields.  Its barren and wintery now, the land stripped of all bright brazen colour, winter is the season of muted shades.  The lush corn long gone,  fodder for the cows over the long winter months to come, making the walk across the field to the ridge open and exposed to the elements, the wind whips making my eyes water.   Its wet and muddy underfoot, from all the rain, definitely wellie weather.... I'm waiting for the cold to come, its just too mild for December.  I don't even mind if it snows in fact I'd love it if it would snow.

 Taking time out to remember the small things and not get caught up in the chaos that Christmas can bring

A new to me earthenware bowl from the dump, perfect for the chestnuts.

And it seems I just couldn't wait and wore my Christmas Pinny to the Alzheimer's Christmas Party, the bloomers were quite a hit!

Fires lit now, there's a casserole slow cooking with pumpkin and chestnut and good beef from the butcher's in the village.... its smelling mighty fine.

I have one more present to knit and then I'm all done for gift making.
Im looking for a new knitty project...
how about you? 

Tuesday, 15 December 2015


of my day in Glastonbury

Last bits of yuletide preparations completed


I used to grow a lot of herbs in our old home.  The garden was a good size and I had a large area just for herbs, plans for the future include building a new herb garden.

The fencing guy is coming this week hopefully, the old dead leylandii hedge has been taken out, and its a total mess out there!  I cant start anything until the fence is up, my fingers are twitching.

In the meantime I need to study and read and learn as much as I can.  I will tell you, Im excited for my plans, very much so

Til next time

Plotting and Planning....

hettie brown xx

Sunday, 13 December 2015


With the Winter months comes time for reflection,
its cosy in the cottage, the lights are low, the woodburners lit, even though its quite mild for December there is still enough of a chill of an evening for snuggling in & rugging up.

So although outside speaks of death and decay, mother nature is really only just resting her soul for the new season ahead.

I feel this also, as if my soul is resting, and taking time out, to nurture and nest.

I am thinking lots about what i hope for, for the coming months ahead, and I have lots of plans that I hope will come into fruition.

This past year has had its ups and downs to say the least, although its been a tough one I think I've learnt an awful lot, about the things I do want, the things I dont want and the person I am.  I've realised its important to work on your natural talents rather than trying to mold yourself into something else.

I read over on Milla's blog which is one of my very favourites, that it is maybe thought these days that blogging has come a tad redundant, I loved her responce to that....that she's waiting for blogging to become retro....& I figure i'm waiting for that too.  I'm hoping to grow my blog and give it some love, so it maybe becomes a nice cosy place to visit, a little like coming home.  I have thoughts on retreating slightly from other forms of social media.  I like instagram but just lately its been bombarded with adverts and sometimes I feel like, whos actually in control here? Mr says I think too much but I dont like the big guys invading my space and basically shoving stuff right up my nose!  If i want to like something I'll use my noggin and like it for myself.  I dont know maybe its just me but I hate the whole big brother aspect of it.  I'm still thinking that one out...whats your thoughts?

lastly but not leastly, I'm hoping to do a lot more reading, these books I rescued form the dump in the week, just as I got home the heavens opened and so I felt pretty happy I managed to save them before they were ruined forever.

speak soon
hettie brown xx

Friday, 11 December 2015

Slow & Steady

Is it me or does life go faster and faster? How quick can I do this, How fast can I do that? Whats the quickest root here?   SLOW & STEADY it seems is very much out of fashion now.  we are just not willing to wait for a thing, no siree.  I took Daughter into town yesterday after school, and found my self totally out of my comfort zone in High street stores selling an awful lot of stuff.  I felt like a square peg in a round hole, and it has made me realise how far I have come,on my path to a simpler life.  I haven't bought any new clothing since August, and am  happy making and thrifting my own clothes

I finished my new pinny for Christmas, its from the Merchant and Mills Trapeze dress pattern but this time a sleeveless version.  The fabric is a wool mix in a soft brown.

The sleeveless version I found quite tricky, harder than sleeves infact, but got there in the end and it fits real nicely.

Even Mr Brown said how much he liked my Pinny and that not many folk can say they made there own christmas Frock, which made me feel very happy indeed. 

I got myself an old Kodak film camera, from the Charity Shop, of which I have not a clue what I am doing, or even if it works.  But I have been taking it with me, out & about and reading lots on how it should work.  Im enjoying this so much, and excited to know if I have been taking blurry rubbish photos or actually no photos at all!! or maybe if the camera gods are shining on me some actual alright photos.  With film, of course you must go slow & steady as you have to finish your film and then send it away to be developed, I'm excited by this process.  And feel it may be rather a steep learning curve, but one well worth the effort.

So for now I leave you, are you in fast & furious mode? or slow & steady? I'm wondering.....

hettie brown xx

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

homespun Christmas ~ dried orange slices

Today I made dried orange slices
I thought I'd share how I went about doing so
As it was such a festive thing to do and made the little cottage smell wonderful....

Firstly you need to slice your oranges
I used large and medium ones, but you can use grapefruit, apples etc.

Place your sliced orange on a wire rack of a baking tin.

Then pop them in a pre heated oven.

100 degrees
I had it on fan.

Slowly bake, every now and then open the oven door to let the steam out, I also turned the m a couple of times so they didn't catch. It took 2/3 hours for them to dry completely.

Get all cosy...
Thread some string through your oranges...
Maybe with your favourite tipple...

Chin chin 


Tuesday, 1 December 2015


This is Pip

She lives in an old tin, and likes poetry and peacefulness.....

She's wearing a hand stitched 1950s Mabel lucie attwell fabric frock.

I will be listing her in my etsy shop soon