Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Botanical Alchemy

I've been experimenting with natural dyeing

I'm kind of in love with the whole process, from the long walks in the countryside collecting windfalls, to the conjuring up of concoctions in the dye pot, to never knowing what you will end up with.

I'm learning alot and reading alot, about mordanting, dyeing with plants and fabric choices.

My main inspiration being India Flint and her wonderful book Second Skin.

The blue was from nasturtium flowers

I've started a knew project, its all about the earth, environment and nature.
Im enjoying the creative process, and in between times i've been digging the allotment.

Its a challenge also, as its a jungle out there!  Ill post some pics soon.

Big plans in my noggin for veggies, a cut flower bed and a dye garden next Spring.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

third thoughts

And then Monday became Tuesday and yesterday's worries didn't seem quite so important today. And when I listened to my third thoughts, I realised that they had been there all along trying to be heard, saying, "that's not quite right, is it?", but I guess every time I heard my third thoughts I just wasn't paying attention, when really I should of listened more carefully. 

First thoughts of course speak the loudest, loud and clear, they are the voices that say "that is a tree",or  "what shall I cook for dinner?"or "Did I leave the iron on?" etc ect...  the first thoughts get the nitty gritty of life done and dealt with.

Second thoughts (not to be mistaken for "oh no I shouldnt of done that" thoughts) are the thoughts that I would call auto pilot, that get you to work whilst driving, thinking about first thoughts.....(what shall I cook for dinner.... etc, etc) 

However third thoughts are the quietest of thoughts, they are intuition, they are sparks that ignite in your subconscious. It is easy to ignore them if you listen too loudly to the first and second thoughts, that chatter on, the third thoughts just can't get through.

i made a critter

and left him to dry, tomorrow i'll make him some arms.

and what has this got to do with anything?  I hear you ask... Well not alot really, other than, Im happier today and we should all try and quiet the loud thoughts and listen very carefully to the quiet third ones.

Monday, 7 September 2015

The flowers are dead...

So day one, no job, BIG pants ( the kind that come nearly up to your armpits) yes I lost my job, no it's not the end of the world. Yes, really long complicated story, of which the outcome resulted in many tears, huge feelings of failure, hurt pride and feelings of injustice, and the fact that I feel like shouting from the rooftops "Its not Fair!!".   All of which is kind of here nor there, as obviously the Universe has different plans for me than the ones I had for myself.
 Whats that saying?..."life is what happens while your busy making plans..... 
So my friends, it's a new day, all be it a jobless one.
My brain is frazzled and bruised and my feelings are hurt, I'm feeling sad, so I'm having time out to lick my wounds, so to speak. I'm lucky I can do this, I have a amazing man by by side, my soul mate, and that, in this complicated world, is a blessing indeed.  

Working full time has taking its toll on everyday life.  The flowers are dead and this little house of ours is forlorn.  I can almost hear its sigh of relief at getting some much needed attention.  So if there is a plan, it is a tentative one, to sort out the house room by room, finding solace between its four walls as the nights draw in, and the Summer gives way to Autumn.

My fear is of loneliness, I have met it before and it sucks,  although I am not the sort of person who seeks the company of others, if truth be told I am a loner and always have been, that said I like people, which seems a contradiction somehow, I know. But for now this is how things are and with everything I have in me I am determined to be positive.

I need to write, it is the strongest feeling, to get stuff out of my head, and down in black and white, so I am following that feeling.  I have made a small nest for myself at the dining room table, dusted off the laptop, and when the urge takes me here I will be tip tapping away.  So for now I leave you with

a Little List of Postives

#1  Today the sun is shining, which means I can get some laundry done, the laundry that as we speak is trying to escape all of its own accord down the stair well.

#2  I have the kindest loveliest people around me, who give me hugs when I am sad.

#3  I'm finding it hard telling people, because I feel a bit of a failure, but every ones been really kind.

#4  things will indeed get better, and I know that with all my heart