Saturday, 15 August 2015

A quick, thrifty makeover

Down the road from the fabric shop are two charity shops.  So after perusing the fabric isles, pondering which lovely fabric to purchase for my next home made closet project, I pottered up the road......

This size 18 top, I thought with a bit of creativeness would make rather a pretty petticoat, so it came home with me.

I chopped of the top, took of the buttons and stitched up the opening where the buttons had been.

I then added a new waistband from some scrap fabric & threaded through with elastic.

Cost £3.50, time taken about an hour, happiness value un~measurable 

The end x

Friday, 7 August 2015

The painted portrait dress

I like this pattern a lot.  I made the size medium, and first time round it was a bit of a flop, I made so many mistakes.  I put it away, for a long time.  Then yesterday I made my second painted portrait dress by Anna Maria Horner, I took my time, scratched my head a lot and got there in the end!

I made it exactly as the pattern said, no alterations.
just added some hand stitching on the bodice.

It fits perfectly, and is so nice to wear.

I've ordered some gorgeous fabric to make the next one.

Till then xx

little note...
dont judge a book by its cover, the picture on the front of the pattern is pretty awful!
in my opinion!

Six, seven, eight, nine

 hang your dottie's on the line...... 

A hive of sewing actively has taken place, and now as my staycation is drawing to a close I feel happy in the knowledge that I have indeed, been productive with my time and spent it wisely, creating a nice foundation for my homemade closet.  

Dottie's angel dress #3 is with the thought of autumn in mind

All three dottie's have been worn now and all three I like a lot.

Next post, more stitching, different frock..... :)

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Synchronicity...or just splendid good luck

Currently I have two weeks off work, due to work being closed for annual leave.  Well strictly speaking I already have had nearly a week, so I have about 10 more days at home. This is a bit of a novelty, as normally if I am not at work and I take holiday, we go away, but this year  the Mr is working & I am home, being a home person.  This little staycation just so happens to have fallen at the same time as the Dottie Angel Frock Pattern fell through my letter box, which could in the laws of coincidence and other wordlyness be called sychronicity, or splendid good luck.  So mostly my staycation to date has been spent stitching.  In my last post was #1 dottie dress, which went well and I liked alot, #2 Dottie dress however I LOVE. 

I am very happy to have found a dress pattern that I love making and love the end result of said making, and you could say I am a little bit like a women obsessed and feel it wont be too long before I have many dottie dresses hanging in my home-made closet, which of course is marvelous news for my new project *the home-made closet project* do have a peak in my closet if you wish, it is a work in home-made progress.

It has also been splendid good luck to have had a mention from dottie angel herself, over on instagram, and Im sorry for those who were not there for the party, but I will tell you it was quite something for me, as she is my absolute heroine.  And I admire her greatly, to say I am chuffed is rather an understatement. 
So thanking Tif for her crafty ways and sharing with us those ways.

This is me looking like a women obsessed....obviously too much stitching going on and not much housework...

And this is the next dottie on the sewing machine, Autumn colours to wear when the days get shorter, and the nights get longer, and there is a nip in the air...with my favourite fair isle, hand knitted socks & snugg boots.

The end