Wednesday, 29 July 2015

My dottie angel frock

Is all finished

And I really love it.

I raised the neckline about 1 1/2 inches front and back.

I also made it shorter, to wear with an underskirt.

Made in size small no ties.

Thinking about the next one now.....

Monday, 27 July 2015

farewell, If only's & I want's

It's safe to say that clothes are rather a passion of mine, and this past month I'm ashamed to say, that on being handed my first pay cheque, I have fallen rather heavily into the consumer trap. I've gone mad In fact, quite mad.  Now it's a tricky one because I have no will power when it comes to pretty clothes and I can well understand the predicaments that can befall a person, in this world of consumerism and I myself fall for it time and time again.  It is the need for more.  The mindset for if only's.  It's not an easy thing to own up to but, there are usually a good list of if only's and I wants that go on all the time in my noggin. 

And I've had quite enough of them, thank you very much.  Some of these thoughts are to do with wanting to be thinner and wanting clothes.  

I feel it is time to address these thoughts and actions, mostly for my own satisfaction and also as I am angry that they can suck me in to there consumer Tosh, when I know it is not good for the planet and our environment and not to mention the purse strings.  

Now a thing I know and have learnt about myself , is that I tend to go into things rather Gung ho and set myself tough and harsh challenges that are impossible to keep up, therefore I tend to fail rather spectacularly.  So on this occasion with hindsight as my best friend and the full knowing that clothes are rather a weak spot of mine, I am setting my sights a little less extreme.  I have a splendid plan, but know that I must take small steps so as to prevent myself from not only falling off the wagon, but falling off the wagon and breaking a leg.

The plan

Clause #1
For one month, yes one month dear readers, as of this date which is nearly August give or take a few days, I am NOT going to purchase ANY clothes from any high street store.

Clause #2
During this month I can not buy any clothes from any internet source.

Clause #3 
I can however make my own clothes and fabric to do so. Buy second hand, within reason, for re-purposing.

clause #4
For one month, I will recycle, re-purpose, re-invent, and make do and mend.

Clause #5
I will note my progress here, and after one month I will review said progress, see if I can improve on it, give myself a good talking too, if needs be, and continue onwards and upwards.

Clause #6 
I will call my plan..... 'The home~made closet project' 

So here are a few snap shots of a frock I made, that I didn't have a chance to blog about....

Next on my too do list for the 'home~made closet project' is the dottie angel frock, which I am hopeful will land on my door mat any day now.


Thursday, 16 July 2015

Concerning Trees

Sunday:  Saw us, tree hunting, Tommy was down from London for the weekend and book in hand we went in search of trees.

Extract from 'Trees' 1928

'And do you remember what secrets the trees told us as we lay under their shady branches on the hot midsummers days, while the leaves danced and flickered against the blue, blue sky?  Can you tell what was the charm that held us like a dream in the falling dusk as we watched their heavy masses grow dark and gloomy against the silvery twilight sky?


Wednesday, 15 July 2015

On life & death

On the first of June I started a new job in a funeral directors. As I have been here for over a month now, and have learnt so much not only in a work capacity but also about myself, I wanted to scribble a few lines.  For the longest time I have had thoughts of wanting to work in the funeral care business, this usually has people running for the door, as sadly there is a very distorted view of death and dying at these times we are living in.  So I kept these thoughts mostly to myself.
Most people's reaction is one of shock horror, the usual response being

1:  I couldn't do that
2:  why
3:  total freak out, they think you are a weirdo., and run for the door
4:  don't you get sad

So here goes....

1:  I couldn't do that.... Before I started work in the funeral home, I'd never seen a dead body, but in my mind I was not scared.  To me a dead body is just a persons loved one, a human being who's heart has stopped beating. That is not scary. People do not come back from death, to life as killer zombies, that only happens in movies, that person was a living person with a heart and soul, who stopped breathing in and out. That person was a husband, wife, mother, father, grandad, nanna,  daughter, son, brother, sister.....Best love them. How sad that there is no one to care for that persons body when they no longer can.  So I didn't know if I could do it either, until I did. And then I knew I could, and it felt right to care. To keep them safe until they passed to the next place.  We will all die, if there was no one to care and see to the dead, what would happen. So therefore it is an honour for me to care for the person who you loved and keep them safe until we say goodbye.

2:  Why.... I have an awful lot of caring nurturing stuff inside me, I guess you would say I have a caring soul. I like to help people and I have a deep need to do so.  When someone you love dies it is likely to be one of the most horrendous things you may go through, so if I can help a person during that time in some way, however small, then that is .... Why.

3:  total freak out, think You're a weirdo and run for the door. .....We are all in this together at some time in your life you will need the services of a funeral director.  Would you rather it someone kind and caring, or a factory conveyor belt? There is a strict code of ethics, it is very respectful and as of this date I have not met any weirdos just nice caring people who want to help.

4: don't you get sad,  ..... Yes I get sad, life sometimes is sad. But I have learned you have to take that sadness and use it positively,
love the people you love, and tell them often, ( and the animals and the trees....)
appreciate the little things, and the big things too, (like the moon and the stars, they are huge and the sun coming up each morning....)
Don't stress the small stuff, life's too short, 
never let fear hold you back, 
live your life to the fullest and love and be happy as often as you can.
Can you think of any more? Xx

Sunday, 5 July 2015


The favourite blouse.....

Do you have favourite clothes? The ones you turn to time and time again, I have this little blouse, it's my fail safe option in the closet that I can trust, on ....'I have nothing to wear days' 'fat days' 'sad days' 'happy days' it kinda goes with everything, dress it up, dress it down, it suits me and most of all it's comfy.  You get the picture it's my favourite.  There isn't another blouse like this one, I've searched the whole world wide inter web and it is the only one (as far as I can be sure of), in the whole wide world.  So Imagine if you will taking that blouse, threadbare and worn and unpicking its stitches and seams, madness I hear you say utter madness!

But dear reader this is what I did, one balmy afternoon, trusty unpicker in hand.

With my favourite blouse in pieces striped to its bear bones I set about drafting a pattern onto a roll of old wallpaper.  Cut out the pieces from an old cotton duvet cover.......

And I stitched me another one 😊

To be continued......