Saturday, 30 August 2014

Autumn threads.

It would appear that my posts are rather like buses.  You can wait forever for one to come along, and then 2 dozen come at once.

This afternoon has been hugely exciting, as Rosie has done my hair, now before you all start saying 'well that doesn't sound hugely exciting'  I would like if I may, to stop you right in your tracks, as when it comes to my poor old noggin, I am afraid it is rather dejected, at a loss, and weary looking.

So I am very happy that nearly grown up daughter has given it a splendid new doo.

the back of my noggin
my thoughts are turning now to Autumn days.

I am thinking about what to put on my bod when I am not wearing my work uniform.
I love non-uniform days.

I am without a doubt in love with Cabbages and roses.

Cabbages and Roses
Cabbages and Roses however, are not in love with my bank balance.

So thrifty gal that I am,  I'm thinking of my own Autumn threads on a very meagre budget, with a bit of homemade thrown in for good measure.

So to begin it is a new home made frock

thats the french floral...yep decision made..Pockets for a frock.

inspired by

the Maple Tree

so I will call it 
when it is complete 

*The Maple Frock*

I think my knitting skills are not up to the cardi, but hey you just never know?
There is always the charity shops, although chances are quite slim.
It is important not to give up hope of finding the perfect Nanna Cardi, in a Toffee brown.


Little note;

 diet is going well,
lentils are my new best friend

Friday, 29 August 2014

a million things

I have a million things in my head just now, a million things that I would like to do, a million things I would like to make,  a million things I might never do, and a million things I might just do, one day, if I ever get a minute.   However, I have, only one pair of crafty hands and a full time job that has me doing other important things, other than the million things I would like to do in my head.

In the meantime the old cogg's are turning and I am trying to pin myself down to making a firm decision upon what to actually make.

I would like to make some new pillow cases from the french fabric I bought back from Brittany, with the grey stripe and a band of the very pretty floral on the edge.


I am also thinking the very pretty floral french fabric would  make rather lovely pockets on a hand made autumn frock?

It is a terrifying decision, as, I have a very small amount of the pretty french floral fabric
and  I am so fearful of making the wrong decision and regretting it forever,
that it seems I may be incapable of making a decision at all.
I don't actually have a pattern for the Autumn frock I would like to make, however, I can see it so clearly in my minds eye, that I feel for sure it must exist somewhere.

 Somewhere in there, amongst the jumble of thoughts and ideas, there are also the very beginnings of a new paper mache being.  I'm not sure yet if this will ever come to fruition, as at the moment it is the smallest whisper amongst many load voices. It seems a slightly bewildered, hurt and confused being, and may well be wearing a red wooly bobble hat, but then again it just as soon, may not.

Of course amongst all the things that have yet to happen there is also the solid and most real, wooly & knitted beekeepers quilt.  
It keeps my restless hands busy and soothes my jumbled mind.

It is my mindfulness, my meditation and my escape
This loyal friend of mine takes little effort and the smallest amount of concentration, just enough concentration, to keep my mind focused and to filter out the dust and leave the good stuff behind.

The wishing thread
a novel

'From the great book in the hall:
There's something perfect about the knit stitch: The knit stitch satisfies because it has a clear beginning and a clear end, but it's also fully dependent on and balanced against what comes before it and what comes after.
knitting soothes because it steadies.
Buddhists have mantras and mandalas. Nuns have prayer beads.  Native Americans have the beat of drums.  Repetition makes space for the infinite.  Our stitches are systematically knotted lemniscates, opening the mind.

by lisa van alllen.

It seems, whatever my day chucks at me, at the end of it, lies a certain comfort to be found in 3 bamboo knitting needles
 a ball of yarn.

so til next time then
& maybe a decision or two....


Tuesday, 26 August 2014

The old french house

We drove on from our stay in Dinan, to a pretty town called Joselin.  First impressions I was a little disappointed, which I felt really bad about at the time because its a very beautiful place. The thing that made me feel sad was the tourism and that almost every other person we heard, spoke English. I did give myself a severe talking to, after all we are English and we were on the exact same crusade/trail, so to speak.  But I am quite an earthy traveler, I like to see things as they are, not a show.  So after putting the initial disappointment behind me and trying real hard for it not to grate, we did a bit of exploring. On the second day, I think it was, we headed out in the car to another local town.  As we were driving out of Joselin I noticed on the outskirts of town a beautiful old french house, that appeared to be have been abandoned for many years.

Ever since childhood I have had a fascination for time worn and abandoned houses. Houses that are lost in time and forgotten, for whatever reason, no longer loved.  It stems from a beautiful old Monastery that was hidden down a lane in the village where I grew up.  Oh the old Monastery, the rumors that went around about that place, the mummified cat, the fountain in the hallway .....  It was, however, safely guarded by an old farmer,  who defended his land with his life, quite literally.  My closest ever attempt at getting into the old monastry ended in gunshots and about 5 of us kids running for our lives.  But the old folk tales would keep you begging for more.....little tinkers, I know.

Any how back on track, slight obsession, and although breaking and entering is definitely not my thing. In some cases....well,
the door was left alluring ajar,
the house,
it was calling my name.....

So what is a hettie brown suppose to do?
after all she is my braver most fearless alter ego....

So later when we got back from our travels and the others where weary.
I went for a walk. Just me by myself.  And I squeezed through a fence and snuck through what was once a back garden and i strung my bare legs on stingers, like i did as a child....

the house was frozen in time.

stripped bare

but still beautiful


with its ghosts

for someone to find it 

and that is my tale told 

the end


Monday, 25 August 2014

On road~trips & re~thinks

holiday snapshots

Its been quite the journey these past 2 weeks, a road trip around Brittany. Medieval towns, country villages sea, sand, rain and sunshine. The things that I have seen and the experiences that I have had, will stay with me as memories for always.

Spending 3 days with the four of us together again, I am also so very grateful for that time.

I have knitted my way around France, and have managed 30 hexi-puffs for the bee keepers quilt.  I am thinking the end result will be woven with a few memories of our travels.

I found a beautiful old abandoned french house that had fallen fowl of time and ivy.  With nature slowly reclaiming what was taken, many years ago. I will post the photos next time.

I am such a home bod, and always I leave behind a huge piece of my heart.... and my cats, so home is a happy ending to a two week story of travels and adventure.

I do sincerely thank you for your comments on my last post.  Its good to have some time to think and reflect. My life most certainly needs tweaking, but things don't happen overnight and a tweak is not necessarily a broken thing, is it? A tweak, I believe, is a thing that can be mended, just like a poor neglected blog can be darned....

So tweaking, darning, mending, nesting down for the autumn days to come, I shall look forward to sharing them with you


Little note...

Along with the tweaking, darning, mending and nesting down, will also be some healthy ways, as I seem to have eaten my own body weight in croissants.  Oh deary dear, yep it is true.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

the last 4

blogging these days? I'm not quite sure where I am with it, sometimes I think about giving up altogether. There is a single solitary thread, that just keeps me hanging on in there.  I guess it will be a case of doing a bit of darning to strengthen that thread, or just letting it wear, till its gone.....

Even I don't know the answer to that one ...just yet.

Anyways here are the last 4 pics on my camera, discovered just now, as I'm off on an adventure tomorrow, I picked it up to charge the battery. I'd completely forgotten I'd taken them.

The ones of Rosie I love, I am forbidden from posting photos of her, but she is my beautiful girl, so here they are.

the last two....

knitting al fresco 
of course