Sunday, 30 November 2014

Mitts and Kitts

Oh my...time is racing by and I have not had a minute to write here. But here I am now....hello....  
as I sit and type the autumn sunshine is shining, it is a Sunday, and I do love Sundays. These days speed past so quickly, soon the Winter Solstice will be upon us.  
So whats been happening, well mostly work if Im honest.  Im working extra hours to help out throughout December, and this makes life even busier, especially at this time of year, when the Christmas fever strikes.  But huurah I did manage to start and finish a pair of mittens.

I am immensely proud of them as I have never knitted a pair before, and it was not so tricky as I thought it might be.

I used Peace Fleece Worsted yarn, which I have fallen in love with, from here

In Annas grasshopper- silvery green heathered
Wild mustard

The pattern I found was free, here is the link if you would like to knit your own mitts

I stitched tape labels to my mitts

They are not at all itchy

and the Peace Fleece is lovely to knit with

She had a cuddle....

& then she was off-ski...


Monday, 17 November 2014

Winter is coming

Its dark when I leave the house in the mornings and pretty much not far off dark by the time I get home.
This changes all sorts of things as to how I am feeling and how I am spending my days.
I dont mind so much that winter is coming,
My bear habbits are kicking in.

A truck load of logs were delivered saturday

By sunday we had them stacked up and dry in the old outhouse.
Its hard work but its a good feeling to know we will be snug and warm for the winter months to come.

May came to inspect the hard work

Rest assured that she too would have a cosy fire to curl up to in the evenings

Sock knitting continues,
all be it slowly
but really I am not in any hurry.
I now have two pairs of cosy socks 
and a third pair on the needles
It could be said I am a little bit obsessed with sock knitting.

This pair are my best yet

I've been reading a lot
there are a couple of charity shops near work, I can nip up at lunch time and peruse the book shelves.

 I am lost in new England in the year 1659 with Mary
whos Grandmother is hung as a witch.

The pages of her journal having been found stitched inside an old patchwork quilt.

Things I'm hoping to achieve  this week,... maybe to make some soup to take for my lunches.
I'm not so keen on shop bought soup.
I'd like to get my diet back on track, cut out the bad stuff that I know is no good for me, and eat the wholesome stuff.
The temptation of biscuits at work is getting me down.

I'd like a new project...
I'm thinking mittens?
so I hope I'll get to buy some new wool.
I'm kind of liking practical makes just now
Useful & Practical

So how about you?
Whats your plans


Wednesday, 12 November 2014


they say patience is a virtue and that good things come to those who wait.

I have to say this is so very true

as i think this is the first time for about 20 years that i've had a nice bedroom.

the pinecone we found in france & sea glass from our travels.

Always there was more important things needed doing and always our room was the last on the list
it is the way it is when you have a family and you renovate.
So after 8 years
we got round to it.

a new knitted hangy thing

I have slept surrounded by clutter for so long
that this space i knew I wanted to be
calm and clear.

With just a few of my very favourite things.

the woven nest....

some favourite books

the cupboard doors are reclaimed from the rec yard.
inside is painted 
vinatge velvet

I can look out the window and see the garden, and beyond that the cows.

I'm madly deeply in love with
this space.


Sunday, 9 November 2014

Autumn at Highgate Cemetry

Hauntingly beautiful, Highgate Cemetery has been on my list of very important things to do for a very long time.  I guess some might think my interest in cemeteries to be rather macabre and odd.  It is more for me the beauty, the history and the inquisitive interest to know about the dead that were once the living.  Odd I may be, but I find them beautiful inspiring places, All those lives lived, summed up in a few words inscribed on an ancient stone,.... here lies.....
We are all so afraid of death and yet it is where we are headed.   It is what you do with a life that is important don't you think?  So whilst pondering and wandering, Tommy and I, we got swept up in some pretty deep conversations of life and what makes a life, this time with my boy, just the two of us, I am very grateful for.  

Opened in 1839,  a single burial plot would of cost £1 5s, but as the cemetery filled up it became uneconomical and no longer made any money . Slowly as the Ivy began to take hold, & the trees self seeded,  by the 1980's Highgate was in a state of neglect and ruin, 

It is now maintained by the friends of highgate, who work hard to conserve the grounds.  The price of a burial plot today would knock you back £1,135, this depending on the size and location of your last resting place.

Nature it seems is claiming back what was taken, but this is part of its mystery and charm. The friends of Highgate try to maintain the precarious balance between man and nature, 

So I will leave you with the words inscribed on the grave of Malcolm McClaren 

*Better a spectacular failure, than a benign succsess*


Little note...
thankyou for all your kind words on the socks, I realised I had been rather pants and neglected to think that you may like to knit socks too, so I have added to the knit page at the head of my blog the details of the sock pattern I used and also needles and yarn type.
happy knitting