Sunday, 28 September 2014


this is Nell.

she is a knitter.

just as her Mama was before her and her Nana was before that.

They say that, there, woven into each stitch she knits, are the hopes & dreams of all the lost souls she meets.

If you are lucky
she may knit for you .



*joan walsh anglund*
*julie arkell*
*autumn colours*
*faded ditsy florals*
*the 1940's*
*my mama*
*my nana*

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

the autumn frock

Its always a bit of a relief to finish making a frock, to be honest. So many things can go wrong in the stitchery process, it truly is a mine field.  You spent your hard earned cash on fabric and your oh so precious time over the sewing machine, if it all goes horribly wrong its pretty soul destroying. 

For example, it might not fit, very scary to make a thing and for it not to fit. 
It might look like a sack, not great, and so on and so on....

So when it all goes right, well, as well as you hoped, any ways, it is a relief, it really is.

the scrunchy bit is salvedged from an old blouse from the charity shop.

I ditched the collar idea in the end, I looked abit like heidi
minus the goats.

I have in the end opted for a pinny in the french floral, rather than pockets,
for carrying around hexipuffs maybe
 or the odd ball of wool 

Mmmm now for that toffee coloured cardigan....


Vitally Important Information

pattern burda 7798
after taking measurements I made a size 14 although I am normally a 12.