Tuesday, 29 July 2014

In Equal Measures?

I realized just lately that the frequency in which I pick up my big camera has completely lessened of late.  Since the invention of the mighty smart phone, I have at my finger~tips the ability to capture a moment, pretty much, whenever and wherever I please. That's mad isn't it? ...that I have this little camera wherever I go.  Does it mean that we are so busy snapping that we have lessened the beauty of the humble photograph?
 I wonder?
Is it now so common place?
Is it no longer a wonder?

I hadn't realized maybe, just how much I'd  missed my old, chunky, friend who is not discreet or handy, no, not by any means.

Until, that is I picked him up this summer eve and sat on the steps in the back garden for a while

just sitting
enjoying the quite 
the hum of the bees.

With these thoughts, has come the decision to make a conscious effort to capture the rest of my summer here,on my poor neglected blog.
just the simple things....
with the big ole beast.

I cannot deny that I have had a fleeting fling with instagram
it has its place
 in equal measures....
or just different
 I'm not sure.

any how 
whats your thoughts 


Saturday, 12 July 2014

show us ya bloomers

these are the bloomers I am wearing today

I'm linking up with the lovely Hesta over at 

to show you my bloomers.

this is a very old all in one pair, they need some altering, as they have a big hole down the nethers....oooower mrs....which one day I will get round to

I feel that bloomers are indeed a magnificent thing and too beautiful to wear underneath your clothes.

this is my winter bloomer look, these are my shorter pair.

and this is me paddling in my bloomers last summer
 May you wear your Bloomers with pride 

go on, be brave.... show us ya bloomers 

Friday, 11 July 2014

being me..(Its not always easy, darn it)

Dearest Readers,

As you know, life is, and can be very busy at times, and I cannot believe it has been so long since I last tipped tapped on my old laptop keys, to write here.  However, here I am talking to you,  and to be back  is like snuggling up under an old familiar Granny blanket, hand crocheted of course.

I'm wondering, do you think too much?
for I seem to spend a great deal of my time thinking, whenever I have a minute, that is, off I go to fairyland for a muse.  These thoughts, mostly they have no groundings,  like dandelion seeds taken on the summer breeze, here one minute, and gone the next.  I sometimes wish I had a little switch, with which to turn them off,  it is both a blessing, and a curse to have this mind of mine, that never ceases from thinking.  I wonder what it is people like about me, and also what it is they don't like, (terribly shallow, I know) I wonder what would happen if I didn't cook tea, or if, god forbid, I didn't wash the socks. I wonder about the future and what it holds, I wonder about a good many things....

Maybe I will always be away with the fairies, and maybe this is no bad thing. Maybe I have an on~going battle that rages inside of me, against normality.

So I have 4 days off work....

It is so tricky to be so many things, to so many people. Sometimes to be completely selfish is the only thing that is possibly, possible. Today for 4 hours I was ...totally, completely, utterly, selfish, as far as my mind will let me be.
It doesn't come easy, selfishness, not to me anyway's,  it doesn't come easy saying, 'I'm just gunna think about me for a while'.

Today I headed off on a pilgrimage of sorts, to find myself once more.  To try to be grounded  and be....well

I read a book, on a bench

& I sat in a field of clover

I found a beautiful tree

with a wish tied to it

my thoughts just now, well
I need another tattoo
right here
can you see it?
I can xx

little note...
re~ reading this post
oh my!, it just stinks of mid life crisis!!
I'll try to do it quietly xx