Saturday, 31 May 2014


It's been a busy week, a visit from my wandering father, on Tuesday, it was lovely to spend time, chatting eating drinking, catching up.

I ran to the post office after work yesterday, the parcel office shuts at three thirty and I was out of work at ten past three, drove to town, park up, ran up the high street, exactly three minutes til closing.  I think it was worth the run, I am in love with this yarn.

The bee keepers quilt, you can read about it HERE, these little hexipuffs are keeping my hands occupied, at every given moment that I am able.  The Spindrift yarn, well it is beautiful, from Jamiesons of Shetland

The book was a birthday gift from a lovely friend, and has some gorgeous makes in it.  The vintage barkcloth bag was a lucky find from the lovely ted & bunny at a vintage fair, a while back now.

I have a new love..... cycling, I know its not sewing or knitting! we have found a beautiful cycle track, that was once an old railway line, complete with old station and train carriages, it is a grand feeling to be out in the countryside and fresh air.

So that's news for now, I hope you have a lovely weekend x

Monday, 26 May 2014

you are quite welcome....

I'm not really seeking fame and fortune, I quite like just being little old me, I've never been one for the lime light,  I guess people might think I am quite bonkers coming here and giving up on my hettie brown blog, but it feels good for me to be here just now, maybe my mind works in mysterious ways, or maybe its good to change. As people, we are always changing and evolving, still the same person, but different.

Hettie brown blog came along in quite an unsettled, insecure, time in my life, and when I read back on some posts it was all there for the world to see, I felt a bit vulnerable I guess.  

So I am happy if you are here joining me, I really do love to write and photography is one of my favourite pastimes, to capture a moment in time, is like some kind of magic for me.

I would like the woven nest to be uppermost, a friendly and happy place for people to come, and a refuge for me to write and share the things I make, away from the demands of work.  It is my retreat, my nest...
and everyone needs a nest to come home to, don't they?

The latest news is I'm back on the hexi puffs
Wool is on it's way, just the prospect of that fills me with happy thoughts.

the beekeepers quilt is back in the work basket.

Amen to that!

you can catch up with me between posts on instagram @hettiebrown

Thursday, 22 May 2014


a little speedwell flower

Happy days,

yesterday I had a day off and was lucky enough to spend it with a really lovely friend, we walked and talked and had lunch in the sunshine.

Then dinner out at the pub on Tuesday evening,

Today, well today has been good, just home from work, which was busy but fun, with a film crew in the shop today filming for channel 4.  We laughed, its real good to laugh.  So home again, home again, jiggedy jig and waiting for my peeps to come home, then a glass of wine...oh yes its not so bad being 44


Tuesday, 20 May 2014

after rain

You know that feeling when your waiting for something.

I was waiting for the rain.  The air became so heavy and weighty and thick, even the birds stopped their singing.

then the rain came

and everything seemed so much better.

I was waiting for my Dad to arrive, but I had the wrong Tuesday, it;s next Tuesday, so typically me, and so typically him. Like father like daughter.
oh well. I even bought him beer. He'll have to wait for that.

I'm fed up with straightening my hair, its going so grey now and the curly bits don't want to be tamed, so birds nest it is.

I'll be 44 in 2 days time, so I guess i'm waiting for my birthday.

I feel pretty happy just now


Sunday, 18 May 2014

These May day's

They say that if you were to look deep into a persons eyes, you should see their very soul.

if souls happened to have a colour, my soul would surely be green.

As Green as the treasures I am drawn to, when I am out and about on my travels.

As green as the things that come into my mind and, I want to bring to life.

As green as these May Days when the countryside is bursting, the patchwork laid out across the land.

As green as these cats eyes, my friend, my familiar.

As green as this grass beneath these feet.

It is a good thing to feel the ground beneath these feet. 


Wednesday, 14 May 2014

grandads fruitcake recipe

so it has to be said that my grandad not only made the best cup of tea in england, but he also made a delicious fruitcake.  Sadly things get lost over time and secrets get forgotten, but here is grandads recipe, as far as we believe it to be so.

8oz sr flour     /sifted
4 oz butter      /room temp and cubed
4 oz golden caster sugar
some glace cherries
some sultanas
some small diced apple fresh.
1 egg

mix together butter and flour, I used my mixer. (Ken) Add sugar.  Add egg and then some milk, to consistency a little thicker than a normal sponge cake. Stir in cherries, sultanas and apple, with a little bit of love.

put in small greased proof baking tin, mine was 6 inches/ 3inches deep.  pop it in the oven and wish it well.

Bake on 160/165 for about an hour, keep an eye on fruitcake, to make sure not to burn it.

let it cool

serve with a cuppa 

Grandad Jack, my nana Peggy and my uncle 

blue bells and fruitcake

Its a beautiful day here in Dorset  and the sky is as blue as a cornflower.  The washings out on the line, and i've pottered a while in the garden, although i'm not feeling one hundred percent today and am beating of Mr Lurgy with a yard broom.

The english blue bells I planted last october have flowered this last two days and are so pretty, daintier I think than their spanish cousins.

The Lilac at the bottom of the garden, is in full flower and against the blue sky is so pretty today.

I think if I had to choose, white would be my preference over the purple.  Mainly because it reminds me of my childhood, a white lilac grew in the front garden of the house at Rectory lane, the house where I spent the first 17 years of my life.
Interwoven memories.

So I have picked a few sprigs and bought them in the kitchen.

I found some lovely old baking utensils at the Jumble sale on Saturday

I like baking with these old tins.

and pretty vintage bowls 

so the fruitcakes in the oven now.
Its my Grandads recipe.

I rang Mum this morning and asked 'how did Grandad bake his fruitcake?' she said 'the problems start when people start messing with recipes too much...

*just keep it simple*'

That made me smile


Monday, 12 May 2014


Woodruff ~ Gallium Odoratum

Herb Walter, Master of the Wood, Woodrove.

Woodruff is the herb of spring.

It grows quite happily here in the cottage garden, and has done for quite a few years now, having been dug up from a garden in Hampshire.  The garden belonging to a herbalist named Penny who happened to be the most lovely lady.  I was lucky enough to spend the day with her and make herbal tinctures, potions and creams, a few years ago now.  The sun shone and we ate a delicious lunch in the garden of her 16th century Cottage.  A garden full of every herb you could imagine.

Woodruff has a very pleasant smell once dried, and can be placed in between freshly washed towels, giving them the smell of meadow hay.

Woodruff prefers a shady spot with some sunshine.  It is a good ground cover plant, and easy to transplant and share with friends and neighbours.  It's small white flowers are the harbinger of warmer days to come.