Friday, 22 January 2016



Myself and my tired old Noggin have been a plotting and a planning and  am happy to say that I have a new virtual home.  Feeling like this blog is a little 'Old Hat' I have oiled my cogs and moved.

I do hope you will join me on the start of a new chapter of hettie brown and the stories that will be told there

Thanking you kindly 

hettie brown


Thursday, 21 January 2016

church cats and teeny tiny mices

Dilly is a Church cat, her bed is under the old Church organ, played by Mr Simms the organist.  On Sunday service do not be surprised to find her sat on the pew beside you, singing in her best cats meow to the hymns, or maybe fast asleep in your favourite hat ...

the End 


Wednesday, 20 January 2016


Winter time can be hard, not enough time outside, and when the days are grey and rainy the blues can get you.  Sometimes I go a bit inside myself but I have recognised this as a part of my personality now and no longer panic, and know it will pass.

Today has been the brightest beautifullest blue, which lifts the spirits,  Ive had some fresh air and cleared my head.

I have so many creative ideas in my head at the moment and sometimes even that can make me feel troubled as I want to get them out and sometimes making ideas work is not easy.  You know what you want to produce but getting there is quite another matter.

The last 2 days I have been consumed with an idea and it is easy for it to take over, if I lived alone I would probably be one of those people who would just keep going until I got it done, i wouldnt cook or get  dressed!!  but when you have a family you cannot do that, you have to cook and clean in between and go to work...  I got quite annoyed with myself for being so self consuming, I guess that is the artist in me! but I have given myself a jolly good talking to anyways.

What gets you cross with yourself?  I wonder?

I hope to share one of my new ideas soon....if it works out, maybe i'll show you anyway even if it doesnt!!

hettie brown

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Elsie Morgan

Now SOLD thank you xx

Elsie Morgan has been an avid member of the WI for so long now she's almost become part of the furniture.  It has been said by many a folk that she is the best cook in England.  She lives in a little Cornish cottage by the sea, where you can hear the gentle ring from the bells on her woolly hat whilst she quietly tends her little garden of herbs 

The End 

Elsie Morgan is made from Clay and fired in a potters kiln.  She is covered in scraps of paper from an old WI cook book.  She wears a vintage fabric frock & a knitted hat with little bells.  She has an old wooden home that can be wall hung or sit on a shelf. 

Height 30 cm
Width 14 cm 
Depth 8 cm

Little note, over the next few days I may be posting a few times a day so do check back posts if you don't want to miss any xx

Hettie brown xx


Thimble pulled the cart for Old Paddy the Rag and Bone man.  Everyday hitched up to the wooden cart walking the twisted streets to the crys of 'Any Rag 'n' Bone' .....the arthritis in his joints stopped his working day many years ago now, despite this he's still got an amazing eye for a scrap of old cloth.... 

The end 

Now available in my big Cartel shop 

hettie brown xx

Friday, 15 January 2016

Something old, something ......

Over the next coming days and week I will be being a brave maker and selling some of my past treasured creations .... For the past few months I have been clearing my house and clearing my mind and I am very excited for the future happenings to come.  Things they are a changing ... I will pop things on here and fb and my blog as and when I pop them in the shop .... This is *Mimm* she lives in her own little world , and her own little cupboard ... She's been a very dear friend to me but I'm saying farewell xx

Mimm now SOLD thank you xx


hettie brown xx

& then I dreamt of red flannel bloomers....

When I went up to bed last night my Brown Eyed Girl said to me that it was going to snow, she said that the weather app said it was 90% sure it was going to snow at around 3 am.
I woke up at about 5, now a definite fact is that you cannot hear snow, snowing, you can hear rain, raining, but snow is a silent thing, that floats down soft as a feather...unless you are in a blizzard, that is...that is a whole different story.
I digress, I could not hear any snow snowing,
so I tippie toed out of my cosy bed and I peeked out of the curtains and guess what?

No snow

So, I could of shown you my beautiful Red Flannel Bloomers hanging on the line in the snow, but alack and alas it was not to be....
but please, if you will, try and imagine what a sight that would of been to behold ..... Beautiful Red Flannel Bloomers in the snow.

They remind me of Viviene from Chocolate, I should imagine she would of needed a good warm pair for when that North wind came in.
Or maybe the Railway Children, no fear if there is a Landslide and I happen to be in the vicinity, I will wipp them off and flag down that train, no Probs.

Now, I,m not going to lie, they are a little breezy, shall we say, a lot breezy...and I wondered why that was.... that Bloomers of that time were rather breezy.....
So I googled it...

Before the 1800's women wore no knickers!!  GASP!!
OOOwer Missus, then a lady called Elizabeth Smith Miller invented the Bloomer.
They had no seam so it was easier to go to the loo as they wore so many gowns and petticoats.
So there you have it dear readers...

I am however going to sew up my Bloomers....

The End 

hettie brown

Little Note.... I would like to dedicate this post to the lovely person ( you know who you are) who gifted me my Red Flannel Bloomers, I am truly in love with them with all my heart, and promise to model them after they have had certain adjustments!!